Spectrum Internet Ultra Review

Spectrum, as one of the leading internet service providers in the United States, offers a variety of packages to cater to different user needs. Today, we’ll focus on one of their popular offerings – the Spectrum Internet Ultra.

Spectrum Internet Ultra is a high-speed internet plan offered by Spectrum. It provides users with significantly faster speeds compared to their basic plan, making it an ideal choice for heavy internet users, large households, or those who simply demand more from their internet connection.

Features of Spectrum Internet Ultra

Speed and Performance

Consistency of Speed

One of the key strengths of Spectrum Internet Ultra is the consistency of speed. You know the scenario where the internet slows down when everyone at home is online? That’s less likely to happen with Spectrum Ultra. It’s designed to handle multiple devices at once without compromising on speed.

Upload and Download Speeds

With download speeds of up to 400 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps, Spectrum Internet Ultra is well-suited to tasks like streaming HD content, heavy gaming, and even working from home.

Pricing and Plans

Bundle Offers

Spectrum Internet Ultra offers competitive pricing, especially when bundled with other Spectrum services like cable TV and home phone. These Spectrum bundles can provide savings and convenience to users looking for comprehensive home service solutions.

Bundles Price Internet SpeedTV Select 
Internet Ultra + TV$129.98/mo. 500 Mbps125+ channels 

Installation and Equipment

Self-Installation vs. Professional Installation

When it comes to installation, Spectrum offers both self-install kits and professional installation services. The self-install kit is designed to be straightforward and easy to follow, but professional installation is available for those who prefer it.

Modem and Router

With Spectrum Internet Ultra, customers receive a modem included in their plan. However, to get the most out of the high-speed plan, a compatible router is also necessary.

Customer Service

Spectrum’s Customer Support Experience

While customer service experiences can vary, Spectrum provides multiple channels for support, including phone, chat, and in-person service at their stores. They also offer comprehensive online resources for troubleshooting common issues.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Internet Ultra


Spectrum Internet Ultra offers high-speed internet at a competitive price, especially when bundled with other services. The plan includes a free modem, and there are no data caps, meaning you can use the internet as much as you want without worrying about overage fees.


On the downside, the router is not included in the plan and needs to be rented or purchased separately. While customer service is available through various channels, some users have reported mixed experiences with support.

Network Performance and Reliability

Reliability is key when it comes to internet service, and Spectrum Internet Ultra holds up well in this department. Thanks to its robust infrastructure, outages are rare and usually resolved quickly. The service provides stable internet connection which is essential for activities like online gaming, video conferencing, and streaming movies or series.

Compatibility with Streaming Services and Online Gaming

Spectrum Internet Ultra performs excellently with popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. You can comfortably stream in high definition, and even 4K, given the high-speed nature of the service.

For online gamers, the fast download and upload speeds reduce latency, ensuring smooth, lag-free gaming sessions. It’s suitable for all types of online games, including FPS (First-Person Shooter), MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), and real-time strategy games.

Comparison with Other Providers

Every internet service provider has its strengths and weaknesses. Compared to other providers, Spectrum Internet Ultra stands out due to its consistent high speeds, no data caps policy, and the inclusion of a modem at no extra cost. While providers like Comcast Xfinity may offer higher speeds in some areas, they also have data caps which can be a limiting factor for heavy internet users.

On the flip side, providers such as AT&T internet which offer lower pricing for similar speeds, but this is often reliant on bundling with other services and can vary by location.

Spectrum’s Commitment to Improving Service

Spectrum is committed to improving its services and frequently updates its infrastructure to provide better service. The company is also known to increase internet speeds for its customers at no additional cost. This commitment to improvement further adds to the appeal of Spectrum Internet Ultra.

Contract Policies

Spectrum Internet Ultra stands out from many providers due to its contract-free policies. Unlike many internet service providers that lock you into a 1 or 2-year contract, Spectrum allows for more flexibility with its month-to-month service. This means you can cancel the service at any time without worrying about early termination fees.

Service Availability

Spectrum has an extensive network across the United States, making Spectrum Internet Ultra widely available in numerous cities and towns. Their coverage includes both urban and suburban areas, ensuring many consumers have access to their high-speed internet service.

To check the availability in your area, visit the Spectrum website and enter your address in their service area tool.

Security Suite

Spectrum Internet Ultra comes with a free security suite, which provides protection against viruses, malware, and other online threats. This is a significant feature for those concerned about online safety and cybersecurity. The security suite also allows parental controls, so parents can ensure safe browsing for their children.

Mobile App

To help manage your services better, Spectrum provides a mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android users. Through the app, you can pay your bill, check your internet performance, troubleshoot issues, and even set up WiFi for your home. It’s a convenient way of managing your services without needing to get in touch with customer support.

No Data Caps

As mentioned earlier, Spectrum Internet Ultra comes with no data caps. This is a significant advantage for users who consume a lot of data, especially those who stream high-definition videos, play online games, or have multiple devices in their home. You can browse, stream, and download as much as you want without worrying about any additional charges.


With Spectrum Internet Ultra, you’ll receive a modem for free. For WiFi service, you can use your own compatible router or rent one from Spectrum for a monthly fee. The router provided by Spectrum comes with WiFi setup and management, which can be a benefit for users who aren’t comfortable setting up their own WiFi network.


Spectrum Internet Ultra offers the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your service whenever you want. If you feel the need for more speed, you can upgrade to Spectrum Internet Gig. On the other hand, if you find the service too advanced for your needs, you can downgrade to a lower-tier plan.

The Bottom Line

With its impressive speeds, reliability, wide availability, and added features like the security suite, Spectrum Internet Ultra presents a strong choice for many households. Its contract-free policy also provides flexibility and ease, making it a convenient option for users who prefer not to be tied to long-term contracts.


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