Internet Providers in Laramie, WY: Spectrum, HughesNet, Viasat, T-Mobile, and CenturyLink

The availability of reliable and fast internet service is crucial in today’s digital age. Whether you are a resident or a business owner in Laramie, Wyoming, having access to high-speed internet can significantly enhance your online experience. In this article, we will explore and compare the top internet providers in Laramie, WY, including Spectrum, HughesNet, Viasat, T-Mobile, and CenturyLink. Let’s dive in!

Living in Laramie, WY, means you have a range of options when it comes to internet service providers. Each provider offers different plans, speeds, and features, so it’s important to understand what they bring to the table before making a decision.

Internet Providers in Laramie, WY


Spectrum is one of the leading internet providers in Laramie, WY. They offer a wide range of internet plans to suit different needs, from basic browsing to heavy streaming and gaming. With Spectrum, you can enjoy high-speed internet with no data caps and access to a vast network of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedInternet Type
Spectrum Internet$49.99/mo.300 Mbps  Cable
Spectrum Internet Ultra$69.99/mo.500 Mbps Cable
Spectrum Internet Gig$89.99/mo.1000 Mbps Cable
*Spectrum prices are for 12 mos*, & wireless speeds may vary.


HughesNet is a satellite internet provider that serves customers in rural areas, including Laramie, WY. Their service is ideal for those who don’t have access to cable or DSL connections. HughesNet offers different plans with varying speeds and data allowances, allowing customers to choose the option that best fits their requirements.

Data planPromo PriceSpeedData Cap
Satellite 15GB$64.99/mo.25/3 Mbps15 GB
Satellite 30GB$74.99/mo.*25/3 Mbps30 GB
Satellite 100GB$89.99/mo.*25/3 Mbps0 GB
Fusion 100GB$99.99/mo.*25/3 Mbps100 GB
Fusion 200GB$174.99/mo.*25/3 Mbps200 GB


Similar to HughesNet, Viasat is a satellite internet provider that offers high-speed internet to rural areas, including Laramie, WY. They have a range of plans designed to accommodate different online activities, from browsing and email to streaming and gaming. Viasat’s satellite technology ensures reliable connectivity, even in remote locations.

PlansPriceInternet SpeedData Cap
Unlimited Bronze 12$69.99/mo.12/3 Mbps40 GB
Unlimited Silver 25$99.99/mo.25/3 Mbps60 GB
Unlimited Gold 50$149.99/mo.50/3 Mbps100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100$199.99/mo.100/3 Mbps150 GB
Unlimited Diamond 100$299.99/mo.100/3 Mbps300 GB


T-Mobile is a well-known name in the mobile network industry, but they also provide internet services in select areas. In Laramie, WY, T-Mobile offers internet plans that utilize their 4G LTE network. This option is suitable for customers who prefer a wireless internet connection and already have T-Mobile coverage in their area.


CenturyLink is a popular choice for internet service in Laramie, WY. They offer a variety of plans, including DSL and fiber optic connections. CenturyLink’s fiber optic service provides ultra-fast speeds, making it a great option for households or businesses with high bandwidth requirements. Their DSL plans are more widely available and offer reliable internet connectivity.

PlanMax speedsMonthly PriceData cap
Price for Life 2020Mbps/2Mbps$50None
Price for Life 4040Mbps/3Mbps$50None
Price for Life 6060Mbps/5Mbps$50None
Price for Life 8080Mbps/10Mbps$50None
Price for Life 100100Mbps/12Mbps$50None
Price for Life 120120Mbps/30Mbps$50None
Price for Life 140140Mbps/40Mbps$50None
Gigabit Net940Mbps/940Mbps$70None

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Provider

When selecting an internet provider in Laramie, WY, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Speed and reliability: Ensure the provider offers fast and consistent speeds suitable for your online activities.
  2. Coverage and availability: Check if the provider covers your specific location and if their service is available in your area.
  3. Customer support and satisfaction: Research the provider’s reputation for customer service and satisfaction to ensure a positive experience.
  4. Bundling options: If you need additional services like TV or phone, consider providers that offer bundled packages for convenience and potential cost savings.

Comparing Plans and Pricing

Each provider offers a range of plans with different speeds and pricing. It’s essential to compare the options available to find the best fit for your needs and budget. Consider your internet usage patterns, such as streaming, gaming, or working from home, and select a plan that provides sufficient bandwidth without breaking the bank.

Coverage and Availability

Not all internet providers have coverage in every part of Laramie, WY. It’s crucial to check if the provider serves your specific address. You can visit the provider’s website or contact their customer service to inquire about availability and coverage in your area.

Speed and Reliability

Fast and reliable internet is essential for a seamless online experience. Consider the speed options offered by each provider and choose a plan that meets your requirements. Factors such as the number of connected devices and the type of online activities you engage in should be taken into account when determining the necessary speed.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Excellent customer support is crucial when dealing with any service provider. Look for providers with positive customer reviews and reliable support channels. Prompt and efficient customer support can make a significant difference when resolving any issues or inquiries you may have.

Bundling Options

If you require additional services like TV or phone, consider providers that offer bundled packages. Bundling services can provide convenience and potentially save you money compared to subscribing to individual services from different providers.


Choosing the right internet provider in Laramie, WY, is an important decision that can greatly impact your online experience. Spectrum, HughesNet, Viasat, T-Mobile, and CenturyLink are all reputable providers with different strengths and offerings. Consider factors such as speed, reliability, coverage, customer support, and bundling options when making your decision. By evaluating these factors, you can find the ideal internet provider that best meets your needs and enhances your online activities.


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