Top Fixed Wireless Internet Providers | 2023’s Best Options

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers: In an era where internet connectivity is an essential aspect of our lives, finding the right provider can make all the difference. Fixed wireless internet providers offer a compelling alternative to traditional wired connections, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver high-speed internet without the need for physical cables.

Understanding Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet is a form of broadband connection that utilizes radio signals to establish a connection between the service provider’s base station and a receiver at the user’s location. Unlike wired connections, which rely on cables, fixed wireless internet uses radio frequencies to transmit data, providing reliable connectivity without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Advantages of Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet offers several advantages over traditional wired connections:

  • Flexibility and Mobility: With fixed wireless internet, users can access the internet from any location within the provider’s coverage area, making it ideal for remote areas and temporary setups.
  • Rapid Deployment: Fixed wireless internet can be quickly deployed, allowing users to establish connectivity in a matter of days rather than weeks or months required for wired connections.
  • Reliability: Thanks to advancements in technology, fixed wireless internet providers can ensure a reliable connection, offering consistent speeds and minimal downtime.
  • Scalability: Fixed wireless internet can easily scale to accommodate increasing bandwidth demands, making it a flexible solution for both residential and commercial users.

Top Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

When considering fixed wireless internet providers, three key players stand out:


AT&T is a leading provider of fixed wireless internet services, known for its extensive coverage and reliable connection. With their advanced infrastructure and widespread network reach, AT&T offers users a seamless browsing experience, smooth streaming, and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedUpload SpeedData CapType
AT&T 10 Mbps$69.99/mo.10 Mbps1 Mbps350 GBFixed Wireless
Internet 10$55/mo.cc10 Mbps1 Mbps1 TBDSL
Internet 18$55/mo.18 Mbps 1 Mbps 1 TBDSL
Internet 25 $55/mo.25 Mbps 2 Mbps 1 TBDSL
Internet 50$55/mo.50 Mbps10 Mbps1 TBDSL
Internet 100 $55/mo.100 Mbps 20 Mbps NoneDSL
Fiber 300$55/mo.300 Mbps300 MbpsNoneFiber 
Fiber 500$65/mo.500 Mbps500 MbpsNoneFiber 
Fiber 1 Gig$80/mo.940 Mbps880 MbpsNoneFiber 
Fiber 2 Gig$110/mo.2 Gbps2 GbpsNoneFiber 
Fiber 5 Gig$180/mo.5 Gbps5 GbpsNoneFiber 


T-Mobile is renowned for its high-speed fixed wireless internet services, providing users with blazing-fast internet connections. Their flexible packages cater to the needs of residential and business users alike, ensuring seamless connectivity for online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, and remote work.


EarthLink stands out for its affordable fixed wireless internet packages and exceptional customer support. They offer a range of plans tailored to different budgets, making high-speed internet accessible to a wide range of users. EarthLink’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures reliable connectivity and prompt assistance when needed.

PlansPriceSpeedInternet Type
100 GB$69.95/mo.Upto 100 MbpsFixed Wireless
150 GB$89.95/mo.Upto 100 MbpsFixed Wireless
200 GB$119.95/mo.Upto 100 MbpsFixed Wireless
300 GB$169.95/mo.Upto 100 MbpsFixed Wireless
12 Mbps$54.95/mo.12/1 MbpsDSL
24 Mbps$59.95/mo.24/3 MbpsDSL
45 Mbps$64.95/mo.45/6 MbpsDSL
75 Mbps$69.95/mo.75/8 MbpsDSL
100 Mbps$59.95/mo.100 MbpsFiber 
300 Mbps$69.95/mo.300 MbpsFiber 
500 Mbps$79.95/mo.500 MbpsFiber 
1000 Mbps$89.95/mo.1000 MbpsFiber 
2000 Mbps$129.95/mo.2000 MbpsFiber 
5000 Mbps$189.95/mo.5000 MbpsFiber 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fixed Wireless Internet Provider

When selecting a fixed wireless internet provider, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Speed and Bandwidth

Ensure the provider offers sufficient speeds and bandwidth to meet your specific requirements. Consider factors such as the number of devices connected and the nature of online activities you engage in regularly.

Coverage and Network Reach

Evaluate the provider’s coverage area to ensure they can offer reliable connectivity in your region. Check for any limitations or network congestion issues that might affect your internet experience.

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements

Reliable customer support is crucial in case of any technical issues or concerns. Look for providers that offer prompt assistance and clear service level agreements to guarantee a smooth user experience.

Pricing and Packages

Compare pricing plans and packages offered by different providers to find the one that aligns with your budget and internet needs. Consider any additional fees, installation costs, or contract commitments.

Scalability and Future-Proof Solutions

Choose a provider that offers scalable solutions, allowing you to upgrade your internet speeds or bandwidth as your needs evolve. Future-proof solutions ensure you can stay ahead in an increasingly connected world.

Making an Informed Decision

When choosing the best fixed wireless internet provider, it’s essential to evaluate your specific requirements, consider the advantages of each provider, and weigh the factors mentioned above. Conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and reach out to the providers directly for any additional information.


Fixed wireless internet providers have emerged as game-changers in the realm of connectivity, offering reliable and high-speed internet without the limitations of traditional wired connections. By leveraging radio signals and innovative technology, these providers empower users with seamless connectivity, whether in remote areas or bustling urban centers. By considering factors such as speed, coverage, customer support, pricing, and scalability, individuals and businesses can make an informed decision when selecting the best fixed wireless internet provider to meet their specific needs.


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